About Us


Meet Dundelina

Dundelina loves clothes – but not just any kind. She invents clothes which allow her to dream and take her on exciting adventures. Dundelina also loves stories – especially those that she can be part of herself! At Dundelina every dress tells a story. A dress is more than just a dress –turn it around and it might become a shark. Look in the pocket and it might help you turn into a bird!
Inspire adventure and creativity in your own little ones by introducing them to the Dundelina universe. You will find us at selected stores and at www.dundelina.com. All products that can be found on the homepage can be paid by credit cards.


Our Design Approach

Dundelina is a Norwegian clothing, accessory and play concept inspired by the Dundelina stories written by Roald Kaldestad.  These stories become the soul of our collections, from which all the graphic elements and fabric characters are developed. Scenes from the stories feature as beautiful prints, and characters come alive as garments, accessories and toys which allow children to re-create their own version of Dundelina´s world.

Dundelina´s design approach to clothing is sophisticated but with an element of fun. Our collections are modern but enduring- meant to pass down the joy! Dundelina clothing is available for girls between 2 and 10 years. The accessories, soft toys and books can be enjoyed by people of all ages!