Dundelina is based in Stord, a beautiful island on the West coast of Norway, between Bergen and Stavanger. Our studio is at the top of a hill, near a forest, looking out at the sea – just like Dundelina´s own house!

If you want to come and visit us or send us something you can find us at:


Dundelina AS

Aas 25
5417 Stord



Frequent Questions

* HELP! I´m having troubles with my netshop order!

No worries! Let us know how we can help you by sending a mail to

* I am not quite sure the dress i am buying will fit my girl :/

This is so easy! You can always take a look at our sizing guide to find out whether the dress is big enough. But if, after looking at it, you are still really, really unsure, please send us a mail to and we will solve your question.

* I received a wrong / incomplete order!

Oh my, we are SO sorry!!! We may have had our head somewhere else that day. Kindly send a mail to and let us know what the problem was. We will solve it immediately!

* I am in love with Dundelina, but i don’t live in Norway. Do you ship to… Mars?

Hmmmm… Let us know what you want and where you live and we will see what we can do! Send us a mail to (Preferably not in Martian.)

* I would love to stock Dundelina at my shop!

How wonderful! Let us hear more about you and your shop. Send us a mail to or give us a call on: (+47) 413 66 411

* I would love to distribute Dundelina in my country!

Lets talk business! Send us a mail to or give us a call on: (+47) 413 66 411

* I need press material

Fantastic! Let us know more about who you are and what you need so we can give you the right material! Send a mail to

* My dog ate my homework and everything else…

Oh dear… lets hear more about it. We will see if we can help! Send us a mail to



Opening Hours

If you prefer talking to us, you may always give us a call on +(47) 413 66 411. We start reading our bedtime stories at 20:00. Please call between 8:00 – 20:00 Norwegian time!